Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the CACC?

The Cancer Association of Champaign County is a non-profit organization that was formed in 1980 to assist financially the members of our community who have a diagnosis of cancer. All members of the Board of Directors of the CACC are volunteers. All money collected goes directly to patient assistance. A small amount (less than 7%) of our annual budget covers insurance and office supplies.

Who is eligible for assistance?

All residents of Champaign County who have lived here for at least 90 days and who have a diagnosis of cancer are eligible.

What is your phone number?


What is your fax number?


What is your address?

PO Box 38125

Urbana, Ohio 43078

Where is your office located?

We do not have an office. (No rent!)

I've just been diagnosed with cancer. How can I get help?

Call our number and speak with our Patient Services Director.

Is my income too high or too low to qualify me?

Income is not a factor in the decision to help you.

How can you help me?

We provide payment for treatments, wigs, protheses and cancer related prescriptions after your health insurance has made whatever payment it provides. We also provide gas cards to help you get to your treatments.

Can I get help for another family member or a friend?

You can initiate the contact with us. Because we protect the patient's privacy, we must talk with the patient or the patient's spouse. However, we will be happy to give you information about our organization and what we do.

I already started my treatments. Is it too late to get help?

Not at all. We will work with you.

How much will the CACC pay?

We pay up to a maximum of $300 per month, per patient with a max of $200 to your treatment center.

I know I have cancer but I don't have a doctor yet. Can you help me?

We will direct you to your family physician who will follow up on your concerns. We cannot help you unless you have a written diagnosis of cancer from your doctor or treatment center. 

Will you drive me to the treatment center?

No, we cannot. Our insurance doesn't allow that. However, the Champaign County Transit Authority can provide transportation and we will pay $7.50 for a trip for treatment in Springfield, Marysville, Bellefontaine or Upper Valley. We will pay $12.50 for a trip for treatment in Dayton or Columbus. You will need to pay any cost beyond that.

Do I have to use a certain pharmacy?

No, but most patients find it more convenient to work with a pharmacy that bills us directly. In Urbana, those pharmacies are Kroger and Medicine Shoppe. In Mechanicsburg, it is the Village Pharmacy. We pay for cancer related prescriptions only.

How often can I get a gas card?

Every treatment plan is different. You will get a card as soon as your application is approved and the treatment center sends a treatment plan. The gas card will likely cover two weeks or so, then you should receive another at the end of that time. If you believe you should receive a card, please call.

I usually buy gas at a different station. Do you have gas cards for other companies?

No. We work with Speedway.

Do you have a support group for people with cancer or for cancer survivors?

No, we are not directly associated with a support group, but there is a group that meets in Urbana. Call to confirm date, time and meeting place.

Juanita: 937-508-9953

Nancy: 937-652-1588

Judy: 937-465-0427

How can I help the CACC?

Spread the word, support our fundraisers, make donations or ask others to. If you know of a fundraiser that will be announced in the paper for one of our patients, ask the family if they are willing to include that the patient is being helped by the CACC. Sometimes there are openings on the Board of Directors. If you are interested in that kind of service, please talk with a Board Member or call our number to speak with our Patient Services Director.

Are there other ways to support the CACC?

In case of a death, ask the funeral home to provide envelopes for donations on behalf of the loved one. Leave a bequest through your will.

How is the CACC different from the Cancer Society?

The American Cancer Society and the Champaign County Cancer Society both hold fundraisers and collect donations.

--The Cancer Society sends donations to a central location where they are used to pay salaries of top executives and to fund research and education about cancer. Check them out on the web. They share educational materials with us when we ask.

--The Cancer Association has only unpaid volunteers. We use nearly 100% of all money collected for direct patient assistance here in Champaign County. By supporting the CACC, you are supporting local families, friends and neighbors.