About us

In September, 1980 five directors of the Champaign County chapter of the American Cancer Society resigned their positions to form a new cancer agency dedicated to providing service to Champaign County residents.


All five directors felt that too little of the money collected from county residents was used to benefit local residents.  Because of the dedication and commitment of these five, the Cancer Association of Champaign County was formed.


At that time, only 45% of the monies collected in the county remained to assist cancer patients.  The new group was determined to increase this amount to as close to 100% of the monies raised as possible.


Funding for the new organization came from various fund-raisers.  Some of these events include Hearts, Tag Days, Celebrity Waiters, Benefit Dinner, and the Candlelight Tour of Homes to name a few.


Additional funding for CACC comes from United Way.  United Way provides 30 - 40% of CACC's annual budget.



After insurance and other benefit payments, CACC assists patients with expenses up to the current monthly limits.


Some of the types of items covered include:


  • Cancer related perscription medicines and supplies

  • Chemotherapy and radiation

  • Prostheses

  • Assistance with transporation cost (fuel)

  • Wigs

  • Other Cancer related expenses can be considered on an individual basis


Guidelines are available

upon application or request.